About Us

Welcome to The Richmond Candle Co.

Simon + Johan here ☺️ Yes we are local to Richmond, Victoria 🇦🇺 and our little business was born and continues to be based here.

There’s consideration and purpose behind everything we do.

Our design is inspired by the industrial past of Richmond. We’re intentionally bold to reflect that, but also a nudge toward an optimistic future. Choices we make and actions we take lean toward that future.

There’s shady streets. We see beauty in the light and the shade. Even to the darkest place, you can bring light.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from. This island welcomes. Our community energise us, it motivates us.



The story of The Richmond Candle Co. started during Covid-19 after Simon lost his job in the travel industry. With a lot of time on his hands and a passion for creating, we started making candles to sell locally and help cover some of the mortgage.

When we found people loving what we did, it inspired us to seek ways to grow awareness, so we took a risk and moved into selling via pop-up stores in shopping centres. The communities we visited were incredible and the best thing about that experience is the wonderful group of repeat customers who continue to support our business.

Repeat and referral business has helped us grow and we love knocking on the door of our repeat customers to have a chat when we deliver their orders!

The support from our customers has been incredible and we owe our continued success to them.

Thank you for supporting The Richmond Candle Co.

-Simon + Johan