Re-use / Recycle Program

YES! Our transparent candle jars are re-usable

Choices we make and actions we take can collectively make a HUGE difference.

Return your candle jars to us and we can clean and re-use them to reduce our carbon impact and save landfill.

Recycling in your glass recycling bin is also ok, however the most eco-friendly approach is to re-use.

If you'd like to help us make a difference, please return your jars to us when you make your next order.

For local deliveries made personally by us, we can collect used jars when delivering or feel free to drop them off to the front door at 17 Charles St Abbotsford. We are unable to collect ourselves if your order was delivered by courier, although we can guide you on options to send them back.

While not essential to participate, we high five each other when jars are returned to us cleaned 😇

If you’re reusing at home, here’s how to clean the jars:

  1. Submerge the jar in cold water so that water covers the label entirely, wait 1 minute
  2. The label should now easily peel or wipe off with paper towel
  3. Re-submerge in very hot water and wait 2-3 minutes before removing
  4. Wipe the wick and wax out of the jar thoroughly with paper towel. Use a second piece of paper towel to minimise wax residue
  5. Place in your dishwasher to complete and yes there can be dishes in there too! Dishwasher tablets dissolve wax residue, leaving a perfectly clean jar ready to re-use.


If you'd like to use the jars around your home, here's some handy ideas:

  • Toothbrush/toothpaste holder
  • Bobby pin jar
  • Pocket money jar
  • Tea/Coffee/Sugar jar
  • Secret lolly jar in the back of your pantry (shh we won't tell)
  • Hair tie jar
  • Kitchen pot plant
  • Office stationary holder for pens/paperclips/highlighters
  • Candle accessory holder (wick trimmer/electric candle lighter)
  • Remote control holder