Recycle Program

Yes! We can re-fill your candle containers

We've only got one planet, so it's important we all do our part to protect it.
Return your used candle containers to us and we'll work our magic to clean + refill them for you. Your lids are re-usable too!

Contact us by email or chat to coordinate. We'll also provide you with a discount code that reflects the number of jars returned as a thank you for recycling.

We typically fulfill new orders from candles we've made in advance, so we ask for a few extra days when refilling your recycled containers as it's a bit more labour intensive to refill existing candles one by one. It's no problem for us, we just need some extra time.

To clean used candle jars:

  1. Partially submerge in very hot water, wait 1 minute before removing
  2. The label should now easily peel or wipe off
  3. Partially re-submerge and wait 2 minutes before removing
  4. Wipe the wick and wax out of the jar thoroughly with paper towel. Use a new piece of paper towel to ensure there is minimal wax residue remaining
  5. Complete the process by washing in hot soapy water or by placing in your dishwasher. The dishwasher tablet will dissolve the wax residue leaving a perfectly clean jar.

If you'd like to use the jars around your home, here's some handy ideas:

  • Toothbrush/toothpaste holder
  • Bobby pin jar
  • Pocket money jar
  • Tea/Coffee/Sugar jar
  • Secret lolly jar in the back of your pantry (shh we won't tell)
  • Hair tie jar
  • Kitchen pot plant
  • Office stationary holder for pens/paperclips/highlighters
  • Candle accessory holder (wick trimmer/electric candle lighter)
  • Remote control holder