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Electric Candle Lighter

Electric Candle Lighter

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Our re-chargeable electric candle lighter charges in 1 hour, in a standard USB port, and will save you buying countless matches or gas lighters.

An essential purchase for candle lovers. If you're gifting a candle, adding this will really impress!

Included in the box:

  • 1x USB Plasma Candle Lighter
  • 1x USB Charging Cable


  1. Hold down the safety button and slide the toggle all the way to ignite a plasma arc from the end of the lighter
  2. Hold the plasma arc on the edge of the wick for 1-2 seconds until a flame appears, then move the lighter away from the flame and release the power toggle
  3. If wick debris builds up on the plasma electrodes, a cotton tip with an alcohol or ethanol based cleaner can be gently rubbed to clean them.
  4. Keep your lighter out of reach from children/pets.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews

    Love it best thing to light candles and melts

    L F
    Good! Advice for fellow neuodivergent people sensitive to sound...

    I have used it quite a bit and I love it! I write this review to however warn people that are sensitive to noise such as neurodivergent people like me (people with ADHD, ASD, etc) or others with noise sensitivity that this does give off a high-pitched, electrical sound if used without blocking your ears.

    I have been using this while blocking my ears with headphones, so I'd just suggest you do the same, just don't bring it close to your ears! This issue doesn't ruin my review, I just wanted to put this out there :) <3 Still a solid 5 stars!

    Electric Candle Lighter

    I love my re-chargeable electric candle lighter purchase. No more frustrating moments with an empty gas lighter. I did have a very small "operational brain freeze" to begin with, but got there in the end! Very easy to operate and recharge, surprisingly, it even lights my incense sticks too!

    Gerhard MUSIK
    works well

    great unit and easy to light candles

    Saves my fingers

    Awesome candle lighter. Saves my fingers from burning when I'm in the last half of the candle. And rechargeable! What more can you wish for.